Write error sd card

I have a problem with sd card in the Arduino Mega (and as in every other Arduino Leonardo and pro mini)

the problem lies in the fact that I have a problem with writing to the file

same file on the SD card is created but nothing will save him; /

please help I need is for scientific work

This happens as something saves on the card

![|500x317](http://wrzucaj.net/images/2015/09/01/Bez tytułuzNMvl.jpg)


Use a freshly formatted SD for best performance.

Type any character to start
Free RAM: 6717
Type is FAT16
Card size: 1.95 GB (GB = 1E9 bytes)

Manufacturer ID: 0X2
Product: SA02G
Version: 0.7
Serial number: 0X76A46E16
Manufacturing date: 10/2011

File size 5 MB
Buffer size 512 bytes
Starting write test, please wait.

write speed and latency
error: write failed
SD errorCode: 0X13,0X0

the problem lies in the fact that I have

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sorry my English is very weak What does it mean ?