Write Program for KM93C46 EEPROM

Hi, I'm new to Arduino, although I have done some programming before, I am new to SPI and many other aspects of Arduino.

So, my question is how to interface a KM93C46 EEPROM with SPI on an Arduino Uno.
Where do I begin with the code. I want to use a few libraries as possible, (or none if I can) simply to learn how this function works completely.

Datasheet Link: KM93C46 pdf, KM93C46 Description, KM93C46 Datasheet, KM93C46 view ::: ALLDATASHEET :::

I've read up on the SPI EEPROM and EEPROM libraries, and also the SPI link to Wikipedia.
The basics I have so far include:
SPI_CLOCK_DIV needs to be 1 MHz so (16). (or less, 1 MHz is max.)
SPI_MODE needs data to be transferred on the rising edge and clock idle low(I think?). Which mode is this?

With 64x16, does that mean I need to do 2 transmissions of 8 bits to fill up a register? Do I have to use the whole register? Is it possible to select a particular register to read/write? I don't have any particular plans for this chip right now, I just want to learn how to use SPI and EEPROMs for later integration into my LCD and GLCD projects. Any help is appreciated. Thanks