Write to EEPROM via Infrared + read back

Hi all,

First of all: this is my first Arduino-project at all.

What do I want to do?
I have my TV-remote (NEC-protocol) and I want to store the sent commands to an EEPROM (24LC64). Everything works fine with Arduino's built-in EEPROM (I'm using Ken Shiriff's IR-Library), but how do I do this with an external one? I'm reading back with the EEPROM-example which is provided by the Arduino-SDK.

Is this the way to go for the 24LC64? : Arduino Playground - HomePage


pinning of my 24LC64:
Pins 1-4: GND
5: Arduino A4
6: Arduino A5
7: GND
8: Arduino +5V

Don't forget pull-up resistors on A4 and A5 (the I2C bus). I think 4.7K is a typical choice.