Write to EEPROM

Hello all, I am using arduino duemilenove with ATmega168 on it. I'm trying to find a way to download some data from my computer and write it directly to the EEPROM of the microcontroller for the latter's software to read and use while working. How can I do that?

Thank you in advance

It's my understanding that the Arduino bootloader does not support EEPROM access. You're left with two options: 1. Obtain an ICSP; 2. Run a Sketch the collects the data sent through Serial and writes that data to EEPROM.

Did you check AVRDUDE?
See AVR Tutorial - AVRDUDE

look for option :

[u]-U <memtype>:r|w|v:<filename>[:format]:[/u]

<memtype> - can be flash, eeprom, hfuse (high fuse), lfuse (low fuse), or efuse (extended fuse)
r|w|v - can be r (read), w (write), v (verify)
<filename> - the input (writing or verifying) or output file (reading)
[:format] - optional, the format of the file. You can leave this off for writing, but for reading use i for Intel Hex (the prevailing standard )

For example:

    * To write a file called firmware.hex to the flash use the command: -U flash:w:firmware.hex
    * To verify a file called mydata.eep from the eeprom use the command -U eeprom:v:mydata.eep
    * To read the low fuse into a file use the command -U lfuse:r:lfusefile.hex:i