Write with php on rs232

Hi all and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

I'm writing a little software in php that now I need to connect through rs232 to a cash-till and write in ASCII code...

I'm trying to use this class GitHub - Xowap/PHP-Serial: Multi-platform convenience class to access the serial port from PHP or fopen, ans seems the port is detected but can't read or write on this...

For example I need to write asci code STX (char code) ETX

Anyone can help me?


Anyone can help me?

Based solely on what you posted? No.

Post the PHP script, and some discussion of “ans seems the port is detected but can’t read or write on this…”.

Something happens that you don’t want, or doesn’t happen that you do want, but it is not at all clear what actually happens or what you want.

And, frankly, I can’t see how this is an Arduino question. The class you are referring to is not running on the Arduino.