Writing a game?

Hey guys,

I was thinking of writing some simple games and using a simple cellphone LCD as a VDU. I’ve written plenty of OO tile engines over the years in high level languages but never at the AVR level.

Does anyone have any examples that I could read up on or books that may be worth picking up? I’m mostly interested in being efficient and doing as much as possible with the hardware avaliable.


Somethign like this would be nice:

I think the problem you may run into with most cellphone LCDs is that they use an SPI(-ish) or I2C interface to reduce wire count, so updating them may be slow.

But there are people who’ve experimented with them, so you can get the benefit of their experience.

I’d suggest posting to the “Hardware Interfacing” forum, with a subject line asking about performance, to get their attention.


Hmm, I may just prototype and see how I go.

If anyone does have any first-hand experience let me know :wink: