Writing a library for LCD driver ic

Hey everybody,

in need of some guidance.
Would like to write a library for an ILI9331 LCD driver ic.
all those header and .C files found on-line just doesn’t do the trick.
unfortunately my programming knowledge is limited at best.
So, can some point me in the right direction or explain it to me?

The ILI93220.ino file is adjusted to some level for the ILI9331.
it doesn’t give any errors when compiling with Arduino 1.5.8
However, it doesn’t work.
presume very normal, since i haven’t specified the D0 to D7 lines.
but how do you get the information of the registers to write to?
my assumption is that these need modification also.

i tried adding the data-sheet for the ILI9331, but it was to big.
have no trouble reading most data-sheets for electronic components,
but when it comes down to micro-controllers, some things just elude me.
see below to have an idea what I’m trying to understand.

*** Setup display For ILI9320 driver IC ***/
LCD_CS_LO; // Enable LCD
LCD_WriteReg(0xe5, 0x8000); //start osc
LCD_WriteReg(0x00, 0x0001);
LCD_WriteReg(0xa4, 0x0001); //calb
LCD_WriteReg(0x07, 0x0000); //display control(1)

ILI93220.ino (15.6 KB)