Writing Log from Arduino Due without PC/LP connected

I’m trying to create a project with Arduino Due.
I need to find a way to create txt log that will write extreme sensors’ data (each time that there’s an extreme result) .
Can you advice how it can be performed without a PC or LP connected to it?

Which device do you have in mind, to show or store the log?

You use an external storage device, like SD card or in some cases even an EEPROM.
Which one depends on the amount of data recorded and how (and how often) do you want the logged file to be transfered somewhere else.
Also, depending on the specific application, a RTC (real time clock) might be needed to keep track of the time when each log file or individual record was saved.

Thanks for the reply.
So, it seems I need some kind of an external device any way.
I am checking stability of connection between two ends of wires running inside of an Igus device (Crane's e-chains, energy chains and energy chain systems solutions for Cranes). The device runs over night and each time that there's a disconnection I want to document it with time step.