Writing output to a file

Hi all,
I want to write the output i get from the board to a text file
What function should i use ?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
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What board? What Arduino? What text file where? What have you tried?

I (and maybe we) need MUCH more information.

Hi All,
Sorry I wasn't clear enough
I'm using Sigfox MKR Fox1200 and connecting to it a temperature sensor
The kit is connected to the pc using the USB and I want to save the sensor readings in a txt file so that I can analyse the data

There is another option of reading the data using java in eclipse but
my question if there is a function in the library of arduino to do so

Thanks in advance

Hi All
in another word
I want to save what is displayed in the online editor "Monitor" in a text file automatically without having to copy and paste it by myself

As far as I know, you will have to write a program on the PC to connect to the correct serial port, read the data, and write to a file. If you are using Java, the hard part may be finding a library that helps you to connect to a serial port. Java likes to isolate you from such things.

Thank you for your reply
I'm about to give up the eclipse idea as i found 2 libraries "RXTX" and "JSerialComm" but both giving errors with windows.
So if anybody knows an alternative tell me to save the sensor readings to the pc in a file
Sorry I'm a beginner and maybe my questions are not that clear

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My advice would have been to use the RXTX library. I am not that familiar with it, but what errors are you getting?