Writing to a SDcard from an Attiny84

Hey guys,

I am quite new with Arduino but nonetheless I find myself in a pretty hard situation.
What I need is an Attiny that collects data from a pressure sensor and prints the values to a SD card module (one of these:http://www.instructables.com/files/orig/F6V/F1OJ/H5ENQ08B/F6VF1OJH5ENQ08B.jpg)

I already managed to make the whole circuit and code on the Arduino Uno since that is relatively easy, i also know the basics of programming Attiny microcontrollers.
The next problem however is to upload the code for the sd card to the attiny, its pretty hard since the included library (SD.h) is written for the Arduino and is not compatible with microcontrollers such as the Attiny84.

I got some information from this site: Toying with ATTiny84 and SD card in Arduino IDE – Martin's corner on the web
After spending hours on trying to understand how Petit Fatfs wrapping for Arduino works i came to the conclusion that it is too difficult yet for me to know how it works, thus i would really appreciate it if you guys could guide me to a solution.

To make clearer, this is what I have now:
-A circuit and code that starts recording data from a pressure sensor when you press a button, it then prints the values to a SD card so you can later review the stored data.
And this is what I need:
-A much more tinier circuit since it will be integrated in a wearable device, in theory it should be possible to make this with an Attiny but because the code is too difficult for me to understand I cannot do this alone.

The worst part of this all is that the deadline for this project is in just a few days from now, every bit of help is much appreciated!


Get an Arduino Pro Mini instead. It's compatible with Arduino Uno but only as big as a Tiny84 (more or less),