Writing to several pins simultaneously

I'm controlling 2 motors with an arduino using its programming environment and I want to send delayed HIGH/LOW pulses to one pin while sending the same, but with different delays to another pin. I want to do what would in effect be like executing two separate loops in parallel, each dealing with a different pin. Is this possible?



You can't have two separate loops. I'm not sure how that relates to the title, though.

Check out the blink without delay example.

Simultaneous, you could write to a PORT.

but with different delays to another pin.

Would the times they would be simultaneous, a few microseconds or a millisecond apart be okay?

Best approach would be to learn how to use millis() or micros() or get a timing library and for each pin check if it's time to change the pin state right inside loop(). It's like Blink_Without_Delay only more than 1 if() for more than 1 thing.