Written OSX/XCode C code to read Weather Receiver data from WS3600

I have an Uno and Weather Receiver shield, and was struggling to get any thing working that can take the output from the Weather Receiver/Uno port and save it in a text file. A standalone C program ideally, so it's transportable. You saw it here. 2014. Today, what is it? July?

I can create a data file with $ screen -L /dev/try.usbmodem14311 38400 Which stores it's data in a text file in the directory you start the process in. That's all very well to do but it's not very portable.

It seems to be incredibly difficult to locate a simple program either command line compiled, or XCode compiled, that will do the same simple thing. And be portable enough to also compile on a Windows box if needed by those poor unfortunates ...

Well, I've done it. And this is the output.

0,27,27,19.4,60,-,W ,7.3,WSW,3.7 80,31,31,19.4,60,1018,W ,5.9,W ,2.6 80,27,27,19.3,61,-,WSW,7.1,SW ,3.9 80,27,27,19.2,61,-,WNW,6.2,WNW,2.9 80,27,27,19.2,61,-,W ,7.7,W ,3.5 80,27,27,19.1,61,-,SW ,6.8,WNW,2.9 80,31,31,19.1,61,1018,WSW,5.2,WSW,2.5 80,27,27,19.1,61,-,WSW,9.6,W ,2.4 80,27,27,19.1,61,-,W ,3.9,W ,2.5 80,27,27,19.1,61,-,WNW,5.5,WNW,2.8 80,27,27,19.1,61,-,WNW,4.2,SSW,2.3 80,31,31,19.0,61,1018,SW ,5.8,WSW,3.0

It writes it to screen, and to a file, which I've called history.dat for now. From there, your weather station software can read it.

I also have the Arduino//Weather Shield code, very up to date, and will put it all on my blog in the next day or so, from where you can copy it, or download it. The blog is at www.chalmers.com.au, and it will be on the Weather Station pages.

I will be adding the barometric sensor and temp indoors over the next week or so, so it also has the BMP180 sensor code built in.

Just give me a day or so to get it all together.