Wrong COM port - Nano 33 IoT


First post. I have used an Uno for many projects. When I plug an Uno into my Win 10 PC it shows COM3 is being used and all is well.

When I run through "setup of a Nano 33 IoT) it shows up on COM 6. Even though I am plugging into the same USB position. So, when the set up is trying to program the Crypto Chip it always fails with a "timed out" message.

I have not found this failure mentioned else where. Is this the FTDI driver problem or the China CH34x problem?

Any help would be great.


It is actually neither of the driver issues you mentioned.

Genuine Arduinos can show different COM ports even when using the same USB port.
Mine shows COM 36 (Yes I have quite a few LIVE boards) regardless of which USB port I plug it into.

Crypto chip sounds like it could be a different issue to the COM port.


Thanks Bob.

The NANO was made by Arduino and sold by Digikey.

Can you suggest a way to troubleshoot the "time out" failure when attempting to program the Crypto chip? The only thing I have at this time is t o use a USB2 hub.

Thank you for your patients with my questions.


I have not used the crypto chipo myself yet BUT...

The search option in the forum found quite a few results.
The magnifying glass at the top right of the page gathers just the forum results in GOOGLE for you.


Hello wagsalot,

If you are still having this issue can you please write to Arduino support at support@arduino.cc explaining the issue. We would like to get more information and see what is causing this issue.

I regret the late reply. I have found that using a genuine Arduino Nano 33 IoT board there is NO issues. I have discovered that exhibit the above problem. I feel uncomfortable downloading a driver from China so I solved the problem by using genuine Arduino Nano boards.


The chinese site I link to is the same one we all use for the CH340 boards and is legitimate.
I do understand that some people may feel it best not to use them however.

I won't design in any part I cannot buy from reputable US distributor.
Digikey and Mouser do not carry that chip. I'll stick with FT232.

I try to do the same...