wrong documentation of WiFly Wifi shield

I have a wifi shield based on the Wifly component and the documentation has conflicting info. Please tell me which is the right setting.
I feel i cannot just test two settings because it does not find the server, and i do not know what is my problem between server id/pass and low signal.

Some datas (example and photo) are inherited from a deprecated version of the documentation and the library so it could be nothing essential.

The jump connectors are designed to choose which couple of digital pins will transmit serial data with the wifi shield. On the photo from the wiki the setting is obviously "tx=2 and rx=3".

The code examples i found, both the deprecated one (still remaining on 23may2014 in the wiki) and the one i installed gives the same conflicting info.
It comments "2=TX and 3=RX" but the software serial (or wifly object in current version) object is built with (2,3) which must be (rx,tx) after i read library source and reference.

The photo hardware Serial setting comment is ugly because of the 2 LEDs D2 and D3 and a conflict between text and photo/card.
"D2(RX) and D3(TX)"
If it is digital2 and digital3 from arduino, so the photo and the comment are conflicting.
The photo claims TX=2 and RX=3 because of the mapping printed around.


Thanks in advance.