Wrong firmware update on Yun

Goodevening everyone,
I mistakenly (hurry) installed a wrong firmware version on the arduino yun. I wanted to update the card with the updated version and I performed the update using TFTP and everything went well, too bad it was the firmware of the Arduino Yun Rev2 and consequently now it does not recognize me anything on the card (ethenet, wifi, I also think microSd ).
I installed the LEDE-17.01.6 version instead of the OPENWRT-1.5.3.

the IDE recognizes the arduino, through COM I can download them sketch and I can also use Putty via the COM serial.

Is there a way to install the correct firmware version directly from the serial terminal? passing the file directly from the pc?

thanks a lot

Search Yun for Yun-Go-Updater. It is a Windows executeable that needs to be run from inside windows. It tries to identifiy the legacy of your Yun and apply the most recent firmware. It has worked properly on all three versions of my Yuns. Your Yun must be on a cable ethernet and you need to know the IP of the cable connection, If the Yun is booting that far. Don't worry about the WIFI. It is worth a try.
I actually bricked one of my Rev2 Yuns trying a version later than the LEDE 17.11 through the SD card LUCi interface. :frowning: I have set it aside until I have a chance to see what other options I might have. The bricked one does try to boot but I can't read the boot process as the YunSerialTerminal sketch is producing gibberish.

Good luck

Unfortunately the Ethernet Port don’t blink with the lede fiwmware on my arduino yun, so i can t use thai method. I think that i can use my arduino like a ornament.