Wrong Fuse in Arduino Nano cannot communicate any more


Due some problems with programming a nano with Atmel studio, i changed the fuses with what i tought to had to be the correct fuses from the arduino ide. However now there cannot be any communication with te nano. I tried USB(arduino ide) and a avrsipmkII programmer in Atmelstudio.

The fuses in Atmel studio where : Low:0xFD , High:0xDA , Extend:0xFD The fuses in Arduino IDE where : Low:0xFF , High:0XDA , Extend:0x05

For what ik could find (using www.engbedded.com/fusecalc )is the only change in the Lowerfuse byte van importance right ? This a change from:

Ext.Crystal Osc: Frequency 3.0-8.0-MHz; Start-up tim PWRDWN/RESET: 16K CK/14 CK + 65ms;[CKSEL = 1101 SUT=11]


Ext.Crystal Osc: Frequency 8.0-MHz; Start-up tim PWRDWN/RESET: 16K CK/14 CK + 65ms;[CKSEL = 1111 SUT=11]

For the Extendedfuse byte are only the first 3 bits used which were not changed. Although i changed the last 5 to a "0" in stead of a"1" (default).

Can this be the problem to communicate with the nano ? Can ik solve this or is the nano (can i really use FUBAR in this case :D) ?

OK, look at it methodically.

Can you still communicate with it via the ISP? Can you read the fuses and other areas?

If so, then you can reset the fuses to the correct parameters. If not, you will have to inject an external clock (see Nick Gammon's instructions using another Arduino) over the crystal connection (the crystal won't mind, but you will need careful soldering to add the wire to do so) while you re-establish ISP communication.

And if you have set certain fuse combinations, you might have to use a high-voltage programmer - this is actually not too difficult to set up on a breadboard with a battery or two and a couple of other components.