Wrong LCD

So as the subject suggest iv been sent the wrong LCD touch screen, im in the middle of a project and now iv got to wait 4 weeks until i can get the new one and my project is ready to boot up, i was wondering if anyone can help me make it work. I did order the normal 40 pin but i got a 34 pin screen, i dont think it can be done but im hoping someone might see something i cant,

this is my pin out on the 34 pin

T_CS - CLK PEN - F_CS MIS0 - MOSI GND - NC VDD - GND BL - VDD D815 - SDCS DB13 - DB15 DB11 - DB12 DB9 - DB10 DB7 - DB8 DB5 - DB6 DB3 - DB4 DB1 - DB2 RTS - DB0 WR - RO CS - RS

(i think this is right its hard to read the pin out on the PCB)

but i need it to work for this,

For your information its an aquarium controller im building,


i guess i could wait but im hoping someone can help me out, i should say iv never done any coding befor as well so im hoping its just the hardware that can be changed thanks for your replays