Wrong value received in nRF24L01

Hey, I’m using a keyboard 3 x 4 and a nRF24L01 +. When I type a number, like 10, and send to the other nRF24L01 + (server), it’s showing that the value received is 2247, not 10. This happens with any number that I send.
Can you help me?
The codes of the client and server are bellow…

user.ino (3.03 KB)

server.ino (1.28 KB)

You are not printing what you receive, but the address of the byte that contains it in decimal.

    uint8_t buf[RH_NRF24_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN];
    int rec = (int)buf; // take address of buffer and call it int
    uint8_t len = sizeof(buf);
    if (nrf24.recv(buf, &len))
      Serial.print("got request: ");
      Serial.println(rec); // print address in decimal