WRT54G and Arduino

For my project, I need to print some messages to a LCD display from WRT54G router. I have found a blog which explains this with arduino. But I'm not clear about that. My question is, is it possible to have serial communication between WRT54G and Arduino without other IC or circuit involvement ? if so, what pins of JP1 should I connect to the arduino board ?

here is the link

Thankx in advanced :slight_smile:

According to the comments you can just put the sketch on any stock Arduino board, the pins used are in the sketch. A note at the end of the original blog post, clarifies that that the ATMega IC on the bread board is running the code and the actual Arduino board is just providing power. So you should be able to load the code onto an UNO, etc… and wire it directly to the WRT54G without the IC on the breadboard.