ws2811 led strip malfunction

Grumpy_Mike: 12V, look at the PCB at the cut points. It says 12V on the web site, did the ones you get say 12V as well.

With this system all three LEDs within the cut lines will show all the same colour and will just look like one LED to the software libiary.

Thank you for your fast reply! Would this mean that the current is 20ma (for each color) for every group of 3 leds, or is it still 20ma for every led?

EDIT: The answer to my question is yes, 18ma for every group of 3 leds.

I dont use FastLED library, I have written my own compact WS NRZ drivers, but I found that you need to cli() before the WSbitbash and sei() after, but that is only if you are using interrupts for something else, but this tip also can create more harm than good if you are dependent on your other interrupt firing

I think I have seen the cli and sei in the fastLed library somewhere, so all might be ok Just thought I would mention it

Each WS28xx led will 'fix' the timing on its output (Dout), so if the Din is kinda rubbish on timing, the output will be cleaned up, so if you have a delay of >5us(ish) between writing RGB data, the LED will think that is the end of transmission and latch the data

I have done some data timing stretching experiments to see if I can slow down writes, the results were not very succesful :(