WS2812 animation switching Toledo/Bowling Green or remote

Looking for someone to write some code for me. would like to have probably two buttons to control a short WS2812 strip.

One button would cycle through different animations......rainbow cycle, color fade, twinkle, solid color etc The second button would switch through color pallets in that animation. {will need instruction on how to change out the animations/colors).

I will also need it to have some button debounce code included as that is something I have struggled with using code I have found online. Mind you I have no real coding skill, just fumbling through what "seems right"

I would eventually like to put this on a attiny chip to reduce the footprint since I do not need as many I/O ports as even a nano board has.

I am in Bowling Green Ohio, I have a large nice basement workshop/maker space currently waiting on delivery of a large format 130w laser cutter/engraver 50"x35" working area

Currently have 3 3d printers and plan on adding a small bench top lathe and mill around the first of the year as well as building a 4'x8' CNC router, just have not fully decided what kit/plans etc I want to use.

Would be happy to find someone to colab with on projects and give shop access to if you are local.

Or willing to pay for this project and future projects as needed.

sent you a PM