WS2812 behaving erraticly - resolved


I'm having some trouble with my Arduino/WS2812 LED project- When I initially wired everything, it worked great. Then I added some connectors. I'm sending the output from 2 12v to 5v transformers along with the data output from the Arduino to the WS2812 LEDs via Cat6 cable and connectors. I also have 12V going directly to the Arduino via the DC in jack. The set up worked fine, until I removed the USB cable from the Arduino, then the WS2812s started acting oddly- like flashing random colors and patterns. IT looked like there was some logic to it, but nothing I programmed. When I stuck the USB back in, it worked fine again. I then tried bypassing the Cat6 cable and connector, jumpering the data wire on the LEDS to another PIN on the Arduino, and it worked fine again.

My suspect is possibly noise on the lines, or a crossed wire somewhere. Would the data signal really be that susceptible to line noise running alongside 5V power lines? Any other thoughts?

I know all about WS2812 behaving erraticly. Try controlling them with a Teensy for a real headache.

How long is the Cat6 cable you're using? It could have something to do with voltage drop along the cable.

These WS2812's are very sensitive when it comes to the signal controlling them.

HI Snowman,

There is about 2 meters of Cat6 between the Arduino and first pixel. I changed out the jack with a different punch-down type one and it seems to be working normally again. I must have had a stray wire strand or something when I wired the jack.

I haven't even looked into Teensy yet- still somewhat of a noob to the Arduino. It looks interesting though!

The Teensy is pretty awesome. It's vastly more capable but not nearly as idiot proof (to my dismay) as an Arduino UNO.

Good luck with your project. Hopefully both of our LED projects work out well.