WS2812 Led Strip no lights

I wanted to build myself an Ambilight Background for my Monitor using:

-Arduino Nano
-WS2812 12V Addressable LED Strip
-12V Power Supply (for now a battery, because the LED Strip needs more Power than expected)
-Bambilight by MrBoe ( GitHub - MrBoe/Bambilight: A simple implementation to send the colors from a Windows-PC-Screen to a LED-Strip over Arduino. Maybe some people would call it "Ambilight" ;) )

I connected everything according to the Tutorials, but the LEDs don't light up.
The FastLED Library is installed and the sketch is uploaded (Port/Boardtype/etc. should be right).
I checked the Voltage at the battery and at the end of the strip and 12V are supplied.

If anybody got an idea, I'd be glad :slight_smile:

-WS2812 12V Addressable LED Strip

No that is not a WS2812 LED strip.
So you are probably not using the right option in the libiary.

That strip can only control LEDs in groups of 3.
No resistor in the data line.
No capacitor across the supply.

Do you know which kind of LED strip this is?
I ordered the strip on ebay:

I should complain to them because it is not what is advertised. I can't tell from the photographs but look at the black 6 lead IC and see if you can read a number off it.

Okay thanks a lot,
I ordered a WS2812B strip from Amazon and it is working fine.