WS2812 signal degradation with L shaped connectors

Hey there I’m searching for an solderless L shape connector for my ambilight setup. I tested some from aliexpress, but they are crap. I used WS2812 LED’s, but the L shaped solderless connectors degrade my signal, so the LED’s start flickering and turn red after just 2 connectors. I’m obviously not limited by the amount of LED’s it’s a connector issue, see picture.

I used the adrilight fork adrilight of Bambilight But the problem occurs also while using neopixel, so yeah.

Any help is appreciated.

Have tried moving the corners around to verify it's not 1 bad connector/slice point?

well, neopixesl are very susceptible to noise, and solderless connections inject noise, so, i'd recommend against going solderless. They also have ws2812s strung up like christmas lights so they can do bends