WS2812B 3x3 matrix on Arduino PCB board

I designed WS2812B LED 3x3 matrix on Arduino PCB board, when plug USB power to Arduino, all WS2812B LED light up automatically, I don't want LEDs light up automatically, does anyone has suggestion?

Post your code and your schematic. Do not use Fritzing.

Attached is schematic picture. There is no code, just plug usb power, all WS2812b light up.

There is no code,

The LEDs can power up in any state. It is not unusual for them to power up all on. Try adding code that turns them all off, or running one of the example sketches.

I would add a resistor between the data line of the Arduino and the input of the first LED, about 470R should do. I would also add a large capacitor across the supply.