WS2812b 8x8 LED Matrix remap each pixels !?

Hey everyone, I have a problem right now and i need your help ! So I'm building a Youtube subscriber counter, and for that I use 3 * 8x8 WS2812B LED Matrix with the Adafruit library ! However the order of the pixels does not correspond to my design, I specify that my matrix is ​​wired in "PROGRESSIVE" ! My question is how to change the index of each pixel so as to rotate the display of the matrix to 90 degrees ? To better understand changing the direction from LEFT to RIGHT to get BOTTOM to TOP and do a remap ? Thank you for your reply !

Why not physically rotate the matrices?

It is useless because I have 3 matrix in series, and if I physically rotate 90 degrees the whole display will be shifted and not straight...

I meant you should individually rotate each 8x8 matrix by 90 degrees. The overall matrix is then exactly the same shape as before.

you saying yu use multiple matrixes 8x8
so in the standard version of adafruid your matrix got a number

IF so
just say


thats all

Thanks for your answer, but I don't understand, the number ? You talk about the number of matrix used ? If it's this I use 3 matrix.

And thanks for the code but I get an error ( i was not declared in this scope ) and when i replace i by a integer (1) i get an other error

Not sure if this is what’s being asked.

You might want to look at using an array to redefine the index.

Current index = 0 thru 64

byte myArray = {32,31,30,29 etc }; //re-indexing values

When you want index 0, where i=0, you re-index into myArray = myArray[0] = 32.

t seeing your code it is almost impossible to comment on your setup

so you got 2 choices
First Physical desolder and rotare resolder DONE
or you setup the matrixes to a array of matrixes and then you can rotate eatch individuell

finally I managed to rotate the matrix by re-calculating each pixel in my basic program, it was long but suited me. Thread resolved!