WS2812B Addressable LED Strip driver for marshmellow head


What is the most simple ARDUINO for ALITOVE WS2812B Addressable LED Strip Light 16.4ft 300 LEDs Programmable Dream Color Digital LED Flexible Strip Pixel Light Waterproof IP65 5V DC ?

I am making a marshmellow head....


Almost any Arduino will be ok. Get a Nano.

How will you power the strip? So many ws2812B LEDs will need a powerful battery or power supply. 300 leds can draw up to 18A, if all 300 LEDs are at maximum brightness white. With lower brightness, other colours, and flashing or chasing patterns, the current can be a lot less. So you must estimate what will be needed and make sure that your battery can deliver that. You also need to think how long you need the LEDs to work before the battery is flat.