WS2812B and optical sensor devices in series

Good afternoon everyone,
I'm looking into a new project which is quite simple.
The main idea is to build "Ipeak 10-led" like pcbs with 8x ws2812b and an optical sensor.
What I want to get is something similar to this with an optical sensor in the center.
Each of this "devices" should be series connected through a 3 or 4 pin cable (VDD 5V, VSS GND, 1 or 2 DATA), while the first one will be attached to an arduino nano the same pins.

Putting it all together I want to been able to switch on and off every single "device", color them, do animations, etc,... (like in the link).
Considering this, I'm just supposed to connect them all with a 3pin wire like they were a long led strip and program it each 8 leds.

My doubts regards the implementation of an optical sensor (4 pins: 2x GND and 2x5V, with 1xData), like the TCRT5000.
The best solution would be to get those data back to arduino and program each devices' leds according to their sensors.
Let's assume I'm having a 10x devices' series, I want those 10x data to go back to Arduino, read them and run the 10x (8x) leds according to them.
Is it possible to do so with just 1xData wire? Maybe using a driver in each device?
If not, should I consider to use 2xData and I2C's protocol? Would this work? What driver should I use?
Lastly, if 2xData and I2C are required, I'm thinking of sending WS2812B data through I2C and let a MCU in each device shifts those data between WS2812B and optical sensor data (read), would this work?

Otherwise I want at least to send an output through arduino which tells the devices to use or not the sensors and, if so, switch leds according to sensors' output.
Do i need a MCU to do something similar? is there a way to implement sensor's output to WS2812B's protocol without any other requirements?

Thanks in advance

Solved by myself.
I found out that the WS2811 (the driver used by WS2812Bs) does the trick of reading the first output and shift it to 3x outputs.
Doing so, I'm able to use the first data, red of first led, to choose if consider or not the sensor, like in the attachment.
Is there a common driver that does the same as using the 2 BL1551 (SPDT)?