HELLO, I'M IN PROJECT POV (Persistence Of Vision) ete and chips I need to run as fast as possible.

I was using the WS2803 by spi, and is faster than the WS2811, which is not connected to the spi.

can be connected to the port Spi ¨ WS2811?

Without looking at the data sheet I would say it is highly likely that you can. I would be amazed if not! The chips are 'family'!

What are the control input pins of the 2803 and the 2811? Same? I expect that you have that information just because you have made both work. And good job so far with that!

SPI port is much faster than SPI done by pins control. The port shifts the bits out in hardware, by pins the shiftOut() function must do every step from the processor.


here datasheet ws2803

the problem that the WS2812b has no clock line

OHHHHHH! Not the same line at all if I see right.

2803 is a driver chip for 18 PWM outputs (I like! But they're not cheap, are they?) 2803 can run up to 25 MHz clock line, a Due or Teensy 3.1 can run them full speed, UNO to Leo cannot.

2812b is a single bright (super-bright?) chainable RGB led with 24-bit color control. (not exactly cheap either?)

2812b uses "strict timing" NZR protocol. See the Data Transfer Time table for allowable ranges.

The 2 main differences are SPI (that require a clock line) for example WS2801 and NZR that don’t require a clock line but relay on more strict timings of the data for example WS2811.

That page has links to Arduino code, not all for the WS2812b. Also there is the NZR Wiki article:

You might be able to use an SPI port to feed a chain of 2812b's but the 2812b 800Kbps (bits per second) is slower than full speed SPI. The clock line doesn't have to be connected AFAIK.