WS2812B LED's In Car, Getting Radio Interference and Lights Flashing


I am having troubles installing some lights to be used inside the rear lights.

The function is to be used as indicators and run off the indicator feed. I have attached a schematic below.

I am using the following 5V converter to power my circuit:

and some WS2812B RGB LED strips.

So what I am having trouble with is I am getting radio interference when the circuit is on. Wondering if anyone can spread any light on it. Also, some of the lights are flashing blue instead of orange as it should.

If you need any more info let me know!

The issue is probably with your power supply. The car electrically is very noisy. I would add 22uf or large caps as close to the leds as I could. Add another one right before the mcu. I might also consider a 5v clamping diode on vcc.

I can't really make sense of your schematic.

But you should connect the power supply voltage to the mcu and the less, the power supply ground to the leds AND mcu, then the data wire to to less from the mcu

I assume OC is like your indicator switch or something...

If you have a lot of ws2812 LEDs, and each PWM their light to less than white, you're going to cause a lot of noise in your power pin. So yeah you'll need to add caps and/or maybe some decoupling circuit.

IDK about your step down converter, but one could have hoped it would have enough noise rejection to protect your 12V line from noise. Add a fuse to protect against your project shorting.