WS2812B SMT chip or module ?

WS2812B RGB LED comes in two flavors - single SMT chip or a SMT chip mounted on carrier module.

Both types of hardware can be mounted "side by side" - cascaded with input on one side and output on the other , thus soldered / connected / chained together as one unit.

Which hardware would be mechanically preferable if I need to build non flexible , rigid , strip of four of these?

I use the chip version mounted on strip PCBs.
This are a bit hard to hand solder, make sure the pads lean towards large.

That's where that reflow oven comes in handy ...


Ok,chip it is.
This is just for "proof of concept" - "dead bug" style.
I suppose I could use chewing gum to make them stay put before I attempt to solder them.
In my limited experience with these SMT buggers , they get stuck to the iron and that is the main problem.

I use a very small amount of gel glue to hold them into place, let dry first.