ws2812b stop working when increase LED amount

I found a code on youtube for music reactive led strip.
This code is really cool and it has some variations.
I’v connected all the part and it works fine, but when I’m trying to increase the led amount above ±90 (I have big strip with somthing like 200 leds) its crashing when switching to the third variation and restart to the first variation.
How can I fix it?
The code is attached below.
its like the arduino reset on its own after 2 variation

Vu_Meter_FinalV2.ino (65.5 KB)

rgb.h (421 Bytes)

rgb_operators.h (587 Bytes)

water_torture.h (6.91 KB)

Not going to go through 4 files of "found code", probably nobody will.

But have a power supply and power distribution that can actually handle that many LED's. If the software doesn't limit the shared brightness it's for most WS2812b's 60mA per LED. And depending on the type of strip you want to inject power at least every 50 leds. Do some Googling on them and you will probably find tons of info.


Please tell us what Arduino you are running all of this code on. FastLED and NeoPixel both use arrays to do their magic. As you increase the number of LEDs, it could max out the abilities of the UNO or smaller.

Did you have any warnings when you compiled all of this?

Let us know.

Take a big breath, all is not lost. Is your power supply folding back or shutting down? Can you post a schematic, this will help a lot. FYI many of us do not like the frizzy things. Also define what crashing is.

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