WS2813B RGB LED doesn't work with arduino Uno R3

Hello guys,

I have lot of difficulties to control WS2813B LED from Worldsemi. The datasheet is here :

I made a simple PCB with 20 WS2813B but i can't find any Arduino Library (NeoPixel, FastLED) that can control nicely those LED.

I have always some LED that blink or other LED that doesn't blink at the good moment.

I don't understand why those LED behave like that.

I attached my schematic if you can take a look guys.


Hmm, yes, the timing does look quite a bit different between WS2812B and WS2813B.

Also, you should have put a 0.1uF cap with every part to help with stable power when the devices are switching internally.

T0H and T1L:
If the libraries are creating 0.55uS as a max time for the WS2812B, and the WS2813B are expecting 0.58uS as a minimum, you could certainly get erratic results.

The libraries don't allow you to select from different devices?

Thank you for you reply.

Yeah, i saw that i could add the capacitor on each LED for all WS281X DEVICE. But when you look at WS2813B datasheet, it's says clearly their is no need of passif component outside of the LED because their are included inside the LED package.

I do not even know if anyone has already managed to control these LEDs with an arduino?

I know that the timing is so short that in fact to adjust the timing, the only solution is to code in assembler.

The libraries take care of the assembly timing.
If they don't have options for different components, you might be out of luck.

Yes of course.

Can you take a look to my schematic please ? i think it's ok. When i look at datasheet, my schematic seems to be OK.

And when i do tests, all LED light up.

So i'm still wondering if my problem is about electronic or software...

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