WSN library for arduino

I recently started working in the field of wireless sensor networks. Currently, I'm working on implementing protocols for wireless sensor nodes running TinyOS, as a part of my academic project. Since, I have also been using arduino for a very long time I got the idea of implementing a library that would be compatible with arduino devices as well.
Please give suggestions on the scope and feasibility of this project? Where should I begin?

  1. writing requirements
  2. defining the interface
    have a minimalistic approach as resources are limited

Hi, thanks for your reply. I have a question...
Since, tinyOS is an operating system and arduino is a microcontroller platform without an operating system, what difference would that make in the implementation?

Sorry if it sounds too basic, I have just started working on the project.

if this is an academic project I should not explain the diff between a solution with and without an OS.
That something that is indeed base knowledge (you can google for)

Working on tinyOS is part of my project. Working on arduino is not, it's what I wish to do. :slight_smile:

Hello, what language is the TinyOS. It seams you can write protocoll for the oss and if you are doing that with C already then there is no big issues to devel it to arduino. Most likelly you need pin definitions and clockrate codes for the different mcu's. Just remember that your lib should not be very big because flash is limited usually to 4k or 8k. Basically implement a class, that can be initalised, then make some driving functions that sends correct signals to the api so that the binary part is hidden in the class.