WT32-SC01 ESP32/Display Help Needed

Hello Gang,

Found this great little 3.5inch Capacitive Display with integrated Expressif (I think) ESP32 with all the bells and wistles (Bluetooth, Wifi, etc...)

Was able to get there 8ms online platform to work but it is very buggy!

I am trying to get it going with ArduinoIDE but cant get any display?

As anyone here tried this baby and if so HOW?

Please let me know


Richard :confused:

A link would be nice, I can't see what you have on your desk.

Interesting, what is your question? I would suggest posting a complete schematic, not a frizzy thing, showing all the power, ground and interconnections. Post links to each of the hardware parts and of course the code.

The WT32-SC01 https://www.seeedstudio.com/ESP32-Development-board-WT32-SC01-p-4735.html is a stand alone esp32 (expressif what ever that is?) with wifi, bluetooth and tft capacitive touch display. Great little stand alone unit that would be great for some of my projects.

I tried to load a demo from here WT32-SC01 but got nothing nada...

I used ESP32 Dev Module, as a config and it looks like the data is accepted by the WT32-SC01 but nothing...

I am looking for ANYBODY you got this baby going using ArduinoIDE and a simple test program like an Hello World or something...




Expressif what ever that is? Espressif Systems is a public multinational, fabless semiconductor company established in 2008, with offices in China, the Czech Republic, India, ...

WOW! HEY! THANKS! That really helps me!

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