WT32i module with header pins

This question is going to sound dumb but where can I find a WT32i Bluetooth module with actual header pins rather than some incredibly tiny smt pads? I literally see pictures of such units on this forum but google searches only showing me smt ones.

I am trying to build a sweet stereo/lighting/winch controller for my Polaris rzr... Got an awesome capacitive touchscreen, NKK push buttons with tiny OLED displays IN the button (totally sweet), 8 relays board, multiple lm317 modules for the various voltages needed with some home built filtering and transient suppression for the RZR 13.8V power... Ordered a WT32i for Bluetooth stereo (output will go to a 500W amplifier module driving 4 9” Marine speakers mounted to the roll cage) but soldering to the tiny pads was an exercise in frustration. Anyone know where I can find something better?

First hit on Google: Silicon Labs WT32i Breakout Board > Bluetooth Classic > Jetney Development
[ I used "wt32i breakout" as the search field ]