WT5001M02-28P not functions as read in manuals

hello guys

I just get WT5001M02-28P, I read all manuals that I found on the web but I did not find what I need. However I have few questions as I'm using PIC 18F45K22 MCU, Mikroc with easy pic development board of mikroelectronika over windows 7 64bits :

1) Is there any example of comanding this audio module through a microchip microcontroller ? 2) I need in my first application at start, playing a music, I used the following code but sometimes I hear the music and lot of times not !!! is there any mistakes ? >:(

//playing file track 1 from SD card UART1_init(9600);

UART1_Write(0x7E); // set volume max UART1_Write(0x03); UART1_Write(0xA7); UART1_Write(0x1F); UART1_Write(0x7E); delay_ms(10);

UART1_Write(0x7E); UART1_Write(0x04); UART1_Write(0xA0); UART1_Write(0x00); UART1_Write(0x01); UART1_Write(0x7E); delay_ms(300);

3) I used iSound.mp3 (for another application) for automatic playing mp3 files at power on and cycling but at my surprise it never functions !!!! :smiling_imp:

sp01// cl02// cf1F 00 0D 78//

perhaps "iSound.mp3" is misspelled ? :disappointed_relieved:

4) can I control this audio module through spi lines instead of UART and how? 5) how to update the firmware and where can I find it? 6) is it possible to get the firmware source ? 7) how to know the spi flash size ? 8) how to erase spi flash when no use ? 9) how to enable/disable EEprom automatic saving of audio infos (last song palyed, volume ...etc) before power down? 10) how to read the EEProm from MCU?

Please help me and thanx in advance :)