WT5001M02-28P Troubleshooting - Sound Cuts Off

Hi all,

Not sure if anyone out there has much experience with getting this chip to work with Arduino, but I’m hitting a brick wall…

I’ve got this hooked up to an Arduino Nano using the connections/code in onesky’s thread: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=150535.0

My issue is that I can’t get the chip to play back a complete file for the life of me. It won’t play back any WAVs (even with the sound delay onesky describes) and it will only play the first 20us of MP3 files before stopping. My busy light will only flash for the 20us duration too, so it’s not like the chip is doing anything in the background from what I can tell.

I’ve tried 3 different microSD cards, all formatted FAT. Same results each time. I’ve also tried encoding at different bit/sample rates with no change in behavior.

For those that have used this unit, is there a particular bit/sample rate combination you find works for your MP3/WAV files?

Did I get a dud chip?

Thanks for any help you might have.