wtv020SD-16P Play file 1, when song is over play file 14(no delays)

I am having a hard time getting my home made mp3 player to work correctly. Is it possible to have one song play, then another (that isn’t the number that was just played+1) to automatically play when the song is finished? I want to do this without having to manually put in how long each song last using the delay function. I’ve tried using the busy pin to figure out if a song is playing, but i’m having a hard time figuring it out.

Here is my code, can anyone lead me in the right direction?

 Example: Control a WTV020-SD-16P module to play voices from an Arduino board.
 Created by Diego J. Arevalo, August 6th, 2012.
 Released into the public domain.

#include <Wtv020sd16p.h>

int resetPin = 4;  // The pin number of the reset pin.
int clockPin = 5;  // The pin number of the clock pin.
int dataPin = 6;  // The pin number of the data pin.
int busyPin = 7;  // The pin number of the busy pin.
boolean onlyOnce=HIGH;
Create an instance of the Wtv020sd16p class.
 1st parameter: Reset pin number.
 2nd parameter: Clock pin number.
 3rd parameter: Data pin number.
 4th parameter: Busy pin number.
Wtv020sd16p wtv020sd16p(resetPin,clockPin,dataPin,busyPin);

void setup() {
  //Initializes the module.

void loop() { while (digitalRead(busyPin==LOW))
if (digitalRead(busyPin)==LOW){Serial.print("reset pin is ");
    Serial.print("clockPin is ");
    Serial.print("dataPin is ");
    Serial.print("busyPin is ");
    //if (onlyOnce==HIGH)

void yapizza(){
  //Plays synchronously an audio file. Busy pin is used for this method.
  //Plays asynchronously an audio file.
  //Plays audio file number 1 during 2 seconds.
  //Stops current audio file playing.
  //Plays synchronously an audio file. Busy pin is used for this method.  
  //Mutes audio file number 2 during 2 seconds.   
  //Stops current audio file playing.

MP3 modue FN-M22P has a function called combination playback or group playback working with MCU in UART serial control mode, which can solve your problem. Check the datasheet via the link below. http://flyrontech.com/edownload/5.html

Thanks! And is there any way to add a new song to the sd card without taking it out of that module? I can read and write to the sd card using the wi fi shield. But I can't add a new song file to the sd card using the sound module I currently have which is a pain in my...