WTV20SD16( WAV) + LCD + 7Segments + SERVO

Hello !

Here is my project of a "Time Explorer Machine" for a school teacher.

The most difficult things is to export a good sound format. ( here : WAV, mono, 8000Hz - No AD4 ).

The vidéo :

Audio Convertion for WT20SD16 :

Save a sound in WAV 44100Hz
In Audacity : Track -> Mix Stereo Down to Mono
In Audacity : Track -> Resample -> 8000Hz
In Audacity : low left : Project Rate -> 8000Hz
In Audacity : File -> Export as WAV -> 16bit-PCM

SD card format : FAT16 ( SD no HC )
Files names : 0000.wav 0001.wav 0002.wav ... ( At the root of the SD )

Exemple of a WAV file in attachment

The code attached

Excuse my english ...

Machine_Piette_mega_final.ino (12.7 KB)

WtvSD16 Wav Files.zip (220 KB)

Do you have a question? I can’t see one from your post.

IHello, I don't have a question.

[color=#202124]I'm just sharing the project because I had a lot of 
difficulty with the file format for the Wtv20.
And so I give the details here.

But if my post is disturbing, I can remove it.