www.handsonwsn.org We have prepared a course and projects with Arduino and XBee

Hi everyone!

We are working on an intiative to learn and teach wireless sensor networks with Arduino and XBee. We were inspired by Faludi's "Building Wireless Sensor Networks" book..

We have recorded step-by-step videos and posted code sketches.

The home page is www.handsonwsn.org

There is a course at P2P university:

And a meetup group in Barcelona:

Thanks in advance for checking it and please let us know any doubts or suggestions.

I just want to clarify that, although this thread is in "products and services", this is not something we are selling. Is intended to be a community effort.

move it to networks? sensors?

move it to networks? sensors?

That would be nice :slight_smile:

It was initally in "Networking, Protocols, and Devices" as I thought that was the place it belonged to. I think it was you who move it here

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: I am still new in this forum and learning how everything works.

moved again :wink:

moved again :wink:

Great! Thanks :smiley: