Check out what we have made with six arduinoBT boards at www.hellomynameise.com.

E is an all new way of communicating with the ones close to you. E can tell them what you're feeling or doing at this exact moment, without a phone or a computer. E can show you what they're feeling and doing, all through a set of intuitive and interesting new physical and virtual products. On September 12 E will go live. Stay tuned!

We are presenting this project soon, for an invitation look at http://www.hellomynameise.com/invitation/

visited site, there's a timer ticking but nothing about the project :-/

E is launched, check it out at www.hellomynameise.com

very cool, a next-generation social networking application!

Do you think it could be modified to interface with video glasses, and display pop ups/call-outs above peoples heads, with information about individuals in a certain proximity?

So if a single person entered a bar (for example), they'd know what other single people are 'single', star signs, interests and hobbies, "drink preferences", age etc, based on the preferences setting of other users in a particular group, so a group (for example) might consist of "single males" / "single females" - subscribing to that group will interact with other subscribers to the group who are in proximity eg, single females subscribing to single males. So there could be a category or group for "computer enthusiasts" for example, if you subscribe to that group, you'd be able to see others in proximity with the same interests - are they "mac" or "other" .. ;D