wxWidgets and Easy Transfer lib

After a lot of messing about i have just about got the easy transfer lib working on a pc<>arduino using code blocks as the ide and wxwidgets for the gui’s. It’s not quite ready to share but if their is interest i will setup a github account and put it on there. It is probably not as elegant as it could be as this is my first app using codeblocks wxwidgets. At the moment i have only tried it with uint8_t data type and i am guessing it might get more complex if other types are used. however i use a union’s to overcome this at the moment.

I have had a lot of help over the years on this forum and as it’s Bill Porters lib it seems right to give it back to the community if their is enough interest. If their is and i put it on github it can then be improved and possibly a mac and linux version made as well.

I have got this far using a uno, i need to use a due so that’s the next bit.