x-band motion sensor and arduino uno, help to connect

Hi! I’ve had problems to connect my new x-band sensor with my Arduino uno. I have a PIR sensor that works just fine, but i cannot get it work with the new sensor. Does anyone here have the knowledge of why it doesn’t work. It seems as if the output from the x-band sensor is an oscillating signal and I think the PIR-sensor just give HIGH/LOW signal. The code I’ve used so far is presented below - my intention is to trigger my GoPro Hero 3 camera via the WI-FI-remote control.

As a note, I’m a complete beginner on electronics.

Cheers Martin


#include <avr/sleep.h>
int sensorpin = 0; //interrupt number 0, actually digital pin 2
int input = 2;
int film = 12; // output to control film, digital pin 13
volatile int state = LOW;

void setup()
pinMode(film, OUTPUT);
pinMode(13, INPUT);
attachInterrupt(sensorpin, startfilm, RISING);

void sleepNow() // here we put the arduino to sleep
set_sleep_mode(SLEEP_MODE_PWR_DOWN); // sleep mode is set here
sleep_enable(); // enables the sleep bit in the mcucr register
/* Now it is time to enable an interrupt. We do it here so an

  • accidentally pushed interrupt button doesn’t interrupt
  • our running program. if you want to be able to run
  • interrupt code besides the sleep function, place it in
  • setup() for example.
  • In the function call attachInterrupt(A, B, C)
  • A can be either 0 or 1 for interrupts on pin 2 or 3.
  • B Name of a function you want to execute at interrupt for A.
  • C Trigger mode of the interrupt pin. can be:
  • LOW a low level triggers
  • CHANGE a change in level triggers
  • RISING a rising edge of a level triggers
  • FALLING a falling edge of a level triggers
  • In all but the IDLE sleep modes only LOW can be used.
    attachInterrupt(sensorpin,startfilm, RISING); // use interrupt 0 (pin 2) and run function
    // startfilm when pin 2 gets HIGH
    sleep_mode(); // here the device is actually put to sleep!!
    sleep_disable(); // first thing after waking from sleep:
    detachInterrupt(sensorpin); // disables interrupt 0 on pin 2 so the

// wakeUpNow code will not be executed
// during normal running time.

void loop()
// delay(100000);
if( state == HIGH){
digitalWrite(film, HIGH);
delay(200); //standard 200 ms, start recording
digitalWrite(film, LOW);
delay(6000); //filmad tid i ms
state = LOW;
digitalWrite(film, HIGH);
delay(200);//standard 200 ms, stop recording
digitalWrite(film, LOW);
digitalWrite(film, state);

void startfilm()
state = HIGH;