X10 home automation raplace PIC with ARDUINO

Hi every one,

I got this school project that I wanna make but before that simulate it on Proteus ISIS (in order to show it to the supervisor) , I found this project in a microchip application note AN236 http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/AppNotes/00236B.pdf , the schematic in this note uses PIC16f877 for the µController and I looked for the code and after some digging I found some .asm files with assembly code that I couldn’t understand .

now I’ m wondering if I can just replace the PIC MCU with an Arduino, well I think it’s possible but I’m kind of stuck with the code to use on the Arduino, I tryed the X10 library , I found one that has only the transmission code and did simulate it on Proteus, well it kinda showd some pulses on the virtual scope from XOUT pin (see the attached image) , I’m not sure whether it’s working or not . I also found another library that has the receiving part but still didn’t try it because I don’t seem to find a way to get two schematics of the transmitter & receiver on the simulator Proteus .

I’m asking you guys out there if any one could help with the code part, well assuming we can replace the pic with Arduino ???
also if you know a way to get two similar schematics in one project on Proteus I would appreciate any kind of help ??

attached are the two libraries I’ve talked about, one has that receiving part and one doesn’t .

I’d really appreciate you help !
thanks in advance.

x10.zip (79.6 KB)

x10-master.zip (7.91 KB)