X10 Tutorial

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^^ You have got to be kidding me.

The circuit diagram on the X10 tutorial is incorrect. It does not work at all.


This has been discussed before:


The problems are as follows:

1) The Zero Crossing and Data lines are swapped. 2) The jack orientation is confusing and should be marked with pin numbers.

Here is a suggested replacement: http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.net/viewimage.php?id=1689

Also, the only X10 command example shown in the tutorial is the "ALL_LIGHTS_ON" command, which not all modules respond to. Addressing a single module is not particularly intuitive. An example of this should be added as well:

// Turns on module A1 myHouse.write(A, UNIT_1, 1); myHouse.write(A, ON, 1);

You are correct - the diagram is both [u]confusing[/u] and [u]wrong[/u]. In addition: - if it [u]was[/u] correct, it would be so only for the "transmit only" models (TW513/PL513) - The models that can also [u]receive/u use pin 3 for the receive signal. - The first line of the tutorial says:

This library enables you to send and receive X10 commands

However the lib does not support Receiving - only sending.

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You'd think you found the best place to post your correction. I hope you have better luck than I did on the severial occasions when I tried.

It seems that good intentions and posting here do not always (seldom?) get the job done. Until there is an [u]active[/u] system that can address documentation errors, there will always be frustration for those impacted by the error. This is a pity since it also discourages those that only want to help make things better.