X10 TW523 replacement IoT powerline communication?

Hello all,

I am new to the Arduino but was recommended the X10 library for creating a system for a smart home.

Here is a link to the tutorial page:

It says the library was tested using PL513 or TW523 controllers. As I'm understanding it (which is probably incorrect), these controllers are essentially ADCs or DACs. If that is wrong, please let me know.

Both of them have been off the shelf for a few years now it seems, so I was wondering if there is any replacement for them? I would prefer the TW523 since it has 2-way communication. I've seen the XTB-523 but that one is a little more expensive than I would like and the extra features don't seem to be worth the extra cost for a small project, especially considering I also need to buy other X10 modules and stuff.


No, these are not ADC DAC.

They are a communications interface to connect a controller (Arduino) to the X10 end device.

They are hardware for sending control signals over the power line at zero crossing time.