X3G code from an Arduino

Hello all

I have a CNC machine that I control from my Mega2560p using some G-code commands. All fine there.

I now want to be able to talk to my 3d printer, but that runs of Sailfish software, which I believe runs on X3G code.
Has anyone any ideas or references to if this is possible?

Not found much when I Googled it. I believe (but might be wrong), that X3G is binary based.
The connection to the 3d printer is still USB, so the theory is that surely I can talk to it if I know the correct format.

I do know it's running at 115200.

Any ideas?

Don't worry. It's not possible.
I wanted to set the printer to pause and that appears to be almost impossible.
I have just cloned the control panel push buttons and made my code replicate the 'pause' selection from the menu as if you were pressing the buttons yourself. Far easier.