x8 LEDs controlled by 74HC595 First two LEDs don't light up...

I just started working with an elegoo uno r3. I’m fairly new to this so I’m only on lesson 6-7 on the cd. 6 is called, "Eight LED with 74HC595."When I upload the code that also came on the cd to my uno it compiles and uploads correctly; The lights come on one by one as I expected by your online tutorial with the exceptions of the first two LED in the line. I’ve included a picture. I believe everything is wired correctly and the code came from the cd so I don’t know why it’s not working.

Eight_LED_with_74HC595.ino (540 Bytes)

The code is from the Adafruit example and is fine. It’s your wiring that faulty. Make sure you connected the 2 leds in the correct way.